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For my August hack-a-thon, I wrote a Greasemonkey script that would convert any Rally formatted ID’s that the script found on whatever page you were viewing into links to the appropriate page in Rally. It will also set the “tooltip” when you hover over the link to the “name” of the object. It works for Rally defects, stories, and tasks. It works in Gmail which is where I primarily use it. It also works in Google Talk IM… sorta. I’m not trapping events for any IMs that come in from the other user so you have to trigger a search for IDs by clicking somewhere in the space.

Here is a video on its use:

To install, you must first have Greasemonkey installed.

After that, simply click on this link. The code will come up. Greasemonkey will sense that it’s a script and ask you if you want to install it. Then simply refresh the screen on any page with Rally formatted IDs.


  • I’m using the onload event for normal web pages but I’m also using the mousedown event so it can find IDs in text that was added by an AJAX app (like gmail). There is a 1 second delay after you hit the mouse button before it tries to find the IDs. If the AJAX request takes longer than a second though, it’ll miss it. The work around is to just click somewhere on the page to re-run the script.
  • I’m not being smart about which sites get which event handlers. I could have said, only load the mousedown handler for Gmail. I didn’t see any performance problems in my testing but if you were on a game site that required a lot of clicking, then it could slow you down. You can easily modify the include/exclude fields to control when Greasemonkey will run this particular script.
  • I haven’t tested it in Chrome or any other browser besides Firefox but apparently many Greasemonkey scripts can be run under all browsers. Let me know in the comments if it works in your favorite browser. UPDATE: I have now gotten it working in Chrome using the TamperMonkey extension.

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