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ActionScript 3 (AS3) JSON encoder with “pretty” output by adding linefeeds and spaces

I’m sure many ActionScript 3 or Flex developers have used the as3corelib for one reason or another. It’s a wonderful little library with lots of useful functionality. I’ve frequently used its JSON  encoding and decoding functionality. It works great, however, … Continue reading

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Visibility -> Retrospection -> Adaptation

We need to target our efforts at the primary form of the Agile feedback loop (Visibility -> Retrospection -> Adaptation) and make our case in the retrospection phase after Agile teams have experienced trouble by not doing enough design, requirements, or quality activities. Don’t worry about the second form of the Agile feedback loop (Plan -> Build -> Inspect -> Refactor). It is more easily expanded as we’ve seen with the introduction of Iteration Zero proposals. Continue reading

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We have to get PEOPLE to build this stuff

The only way to be certain, that the team is committed to the design, is to get them to find it themselves. You can tell them until you are blue in the face that you have analyzed this nine ways to Sunday and you are convinced… blah, blah, blah. I repeat, the only way to convince them, the design is good is for them to come up with it on their own… under your guidance of course. Continue reading

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